About Foo Dog Luthiery

Custom Flame guitar with PJ Marx Jeff Watson pickup.

Hi I’m Flynn, and I’ve been building electric guitars since I was 16 years old in 1986. After getting my first guitar, a Memphis Les Paul copy, I realized that two of my at-the-time idols; Brian May and Eddie Van Halen, both figured out how to use just parts, and build a completely different, new guitar to how they wanted to make sounds happen. So, I made my first one out of that Les Paul, but more of a Warlock shape with black and white stripes. 80’s Metal influenced, fer sure.

George Lynch was my first gift-made axe in 1988 at the Monsters of Rock festival in Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts. I made a Jackson influenced Strat style with sharper-shaped body horns, and bought an ESP Jumbo Fret neck and Floyd Rose Tremelo (GL’s preferences). But – I ran out of time to build it, messed up the wiring, the pickup was out off phase, and the body paint was still wet. Live and Learn. He loved it! I wish I still had those photos of being backstage with George, Jeff and Mick after I gave it to him.

Further in my career, and working as a sound engineer trained at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, then as an intern for Sigma Sound (working with artists like Cyndi Lauper and The Hooters), on thru many venues from Brooklyn, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. My one passion is always electric guitars.

Now, after making over a dozen over the decades, I am now pursuing creating more of them, for the world, and you.

Come on in, let’s make a guitar.

Flynn with his custom Bones replica on stage at The Whisky a Go Go, December 2021.